I have found that I can self clean this cup if done carefully and under 37w on a pico or rim c mod(some mods produce more power than others even when set to the same settings, be careful) Making sure you note the ohm reading when you first install the v5 is important. Knowing this number will tell you the condition of your cup. I have cracked many cups experimenting and cleaning at 38+watts, and you will notice a rise in ohms when this happens along with slight cracks in the crucible. So when cleaning i usually go up to a max temp using only 37w and doing several sessions allowing for the mod/unit to completely cool down before attempting to do another burnoff cleaning session. Sometimes it will take up to 4 sessions to get the cup back to its white color.

For settings i have a arctic fox profile i use at 40sec and then it turns off, TCR is 180 using 33w to 36w to get to 490f to 510f, email me for latest config, also please share your feedback and settings on the reddit v5 page https://www.reddit.com/r/DTv5Beta/ or on discord

non arctic fox mods or stock firmware use NI mode 33w 36w to get to temp you desire. you may choose another setting so dialing it in for yourself will be needed. Remember start at low setting and work up ,not the other way around.. sometimes wattage mode and a good feel will work best. Practice.

some things to take note of, on this batch many of the heaters will not allow the core/Hyperion/sequoia coil crucibles(SIC, and QUARTZ inserts) to fit, they are off by 1/4mm however some will fit, so on the second shipment of this order one of the items you will be getting is another heater, one that will be able to fit our inserts. For the second shipment you will also get any finalized version of the v5 whether we put fins in the window mouthpiece or we change the base we will send you a completely updated version. you will also get the thicker all glass vortex top(having a tough time getting those dialed but confident it will happen).

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